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Cut & color

Alla D brings 20 years of cutting, coloring and styling experience. Whether all over color, highlight, ombre color, or another cut or look, Alla's clients trust her ability to grasp what they have in mind and talk through options. Over the years, she has created countless every-day, special-occasion, head-turning and even stage-ready looks.

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Hair extensions

Hair extensions, a luxury once reserved for celebrities only, are now an affordable choice, safe and suitable for all hair types. Highlight or low-light your hair or simply add thickness by matching your own color for as much length and volume as you want. Let Alla apply her passion and expertise in creating sharp looks with hair extensions.

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Wig coloring & styling

Working with wigs is very special and unique, like creating a sculpture out of stone—mistakes cannot be undone. As a result, only highly-skilled professionals can cut and color wigs. Among Alla's clients are Orthodox Jews, cancer patients, alopecia patients, and people who just like an instant change of their look.

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